Self-Color Palettes

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Okay so are these colors I chose here and actually didn’t go and choose a photo of you get the colors to come up with these. I actually went through some patterns on ColourLove website which is I used to do the exact same for my clients back at home when I wanted to show them color patterns for their new identity projects.

so I thought about why I came up with you and just clearly trying to do the evolution of approach to most things.

These aren’t actually common landscapes in Iran. But i actually have to look for them but I found them the most impacting when I when it comes to the images I want to remember when I look back to my country.

So from those I chose these colors. although you can obviously see there’s a specific Trend between the colors of the whole Earth and Sky tone the whole Miller warm and mellow cool colors are a repeating Trend in most of the patterns I use to describe myself

So this because this was the this was a project for myself I really try to make it personal so my for my first power and I use the Vado telegram coding patterns that you might have seen Coldplay use Thunder on one of their albums and the words MH and are basic human issues but I had to kind of change the colors to kind of match my home the force that we wouldn’t do what I’m working in the telegram code reading program but but at least at least they are mine.




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