Pcomp : The Tail Saga – episode 1

The Background

Since i decided to continue my studies in New Media, which was right after i realized such a field exists in academia, I started writing goals and milestones on little pieces of paper and stick them on my wall. I started to do the same for my somewhat bright ideas as well. Sometimes they were an insight, a philosophy, a product, or just a thing that i really thought should exist.

These were “doable” ideas. Things i could see through each and every step till the end. My general neglect naturally held me from actually materializing most of them and one by one i saw them either be  done by someone else or go out of fashion. Ideas became too many and soon i took them off the wall and stored them in a stack and add to its thickness and leave the wall for goals and such. I brought the stack with me to iTP as a reliable source of task list to partially go through in my journey here.

[photo of the stack and tail card]

anyways, the tail was one of those.

I did develop ideas at iTP. Doable ones that i constantly discussed with people around iTP to get feedback. i chose the tail because that was the favorite of virtually everyone! And i also thought “well i talked about it everywhere, might as well just make it”.

The Idea

So the idea was simple: an animatronic tail that measures your heart beat rate and maybe your skin moisture, and starts shaking when it detects that you’re… excited. The mechanics are done by a simple micro-servo, attached to a spine that goes through the fluffy part of the tail that moves it more naturally.

It was simple and to the point. It had a message that i resonated with and thus i was able to articulate it  quickly and effectively to others.

It pointed out some of our animalistic and primitive tendencies that is overtly complicated by being inside a weird and even more complicated game of life we inevitably play. It’s not immediately obvious to people how to detect incredibly subtle signs we show with each thought and emotion. It wants to explore the simple idea of “what if, we showed our emotions and interest in each other as CLEARLY as animals do?”

So originally, the ideal way i thought this project can be implemented was to have all the people in a party or another social gathering to wear it and observe how the people react to it. But that would be super expensive because of mostly the sensors and motors… So i resort to making either one or two and document it that way for now.