Pcomp: Serial to P5

Well this one was pretty straight forward. The ITP guide was very thorough and helpful. Loved actually how smooth it was to upload something from a physical device in front of me to the WWW and watching it interact with a sketch i made last week.

Here’s the sketch. Click around in the canvas:
Trippy Balls

There’s also older versions:
Sputnik LoverĀ 
Spider Pig

Here’s the code with all the Serial Communication stuff in it. Though you need proper software in your system to work with it. My port is manually changed (it’s COM7 now on windows), and i ended up using the Node.js version of the serial software just because i though the suggested one was Mac only!

Sorry for the video weirdness! i was just very ecstatic about the thing working and chose whatever app that was open to film it.

Another step would be to add an input for “Adding/Removing Balls” and we’ll be good!


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