PComp : Build a switch

I get what this assignment is about.

What is a switch? just something to connect/disconnect two wires to complete a circuit. Does it have to be a standard switch? No. Anything can be a switch.

This is the idea of creative electronics, right? to turns things into electronic components. Like, what is a sensor? (Usually) just something that turns a real-world phenomena into a variable resistor.

A switch is a binary form of a sensor. On or off, zero or one. So any absolute physical action can be turned into a switch. A touch, open and close, on and off.

Anyhow, i decided to move a whole other direction. From the few electronic components i had the courage to bring in my luggage, was a 9-Axis IMU sensor that i bought a few years ago to play around with. It’s amazing how cheap these things are now… They used to be on Missiles not many years ago!

i used the MPU-6050 breakout board which has on-board processing that takes the signal processing off your shoulders. You’ll get clean, processed data off the Serial output in degrees or radians, depending on your religion.

There are many codes online to get things going. And they’re all practically the same: send and interrupt, read the data through serial, and format it for display or later use. I ended up using DiyHacking code.

So the idea is to have some LEDsĀ  pointing in every direction that will light up when the device is pointing their way. The “Switch” part happens when you point the device in a specific orientation that will “Unlock” the lights.

So this actually gave me an idea. Why not make an actual puzzle box or jewelry box with this? It can simply activate a servo and open/lock the enclosure. It would be like a gyro combination lock!

Things that i will need for that:

1- Arduino mini
2- Better looking LEDs maybe
3- An IMU with Compass sensor. so it will have an absolute origin.
4- Mad design skills for a 3D printed enclosure.