ICM Intro

Scripting language, programming language, real and fake programmer…

its hard to get past the noise whenever you try learning programming from scratch for the hundreth time or just a new language or a framework. there’s a right way and a worng way and wine snob like people being disgusted at whateveer way you do htings.

should you care? yeah. a bit. don’t be all free and relax. programming is a very disciplined thing. but if anything stops you from learning, just destroy it. get to work as SOON as humanly possible and just keep doing.

these are things i’ve learned in every attempt to programming i’ve had. back in “Programming 101” in Iran i didn’t learn kaput in class, so i looked up the best selling book on C++ (it was Deitel & Deitel), bought it, didn’t understand a word, and went with “C++ for Dummies”, loved it, and passed the course with it. this was 8 years ago. now things are different.

with Youtube, there’s high quality videos of any minute subject you would ever need in the beginning. Or you can bend towards the absolutely academic direction and go on edX or Coursera and just begin learning in your favorite school… and why go to school then… and stop thinking about that and continue to use whatever assets your school gives you.

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