ICM Final : The “Reactive Display”

The Project

Alright we made it this far!

Let’s just remember what the result looked like:

I wanted to go into some details on how things work on touchdesigner. so i made this 9min video explaining how things are.

The Follow Up:

I’ve shown the demo video in class to a few and they all liked the simplicity of it. It got me thinking about doing it on a tisch window, with various themes (maps, charts, data clouds, where’s waldo!), and maybe switch to image processing instead of kinect. Recent algorithms showcased a very robust performance. So that should be tested.



ICM Week3 : Chaos to Order by Randomness, Conditionals, Loops and Functions

Well this is a title i like: Chaos to Order.

because, when you think about it, aren’t we the digital creatures in this analog world? The mediators between left and right, good and bad, chaos and order?

anyway, this one began with a random contraption Peach (Changtao, my partner for this assignment) made to kick us off. it was supposed to be a very free spirited polygon that bends and stretches in space and its vertices sorta bounce off this invisible box around it that stopped it from expanding too much. The idea was to add a slider that limits that polygon to a smaller and smaller box, and a button that basically changed its color.

Okay now that i think about, maybe we were better off using the “beginShape” function rather than quad…

anyways, first thing i did was putting the Quad (Polygon) generator inside a function for it to be easier to call. After that was figuring out the rollover. We found an example that also added Hand and Cursor to our rollover… a good find for p5!

Next was the slider nightmare. I mean… there must be an easier way, right? this is just a learning exercise… right? no? okay.

So after implementing the slider, we wanted a clean look. so we removed the line and just created a geometric scene basically where colors were front and center. Oh and that whole limiting bounding box thing? yeah that didn’t work out. Turns out the random function can sometimes jump through limitations! Instead, we use our slider to calm our crazy polygon down to a zen state where it’s breathing in and out… not really caring about anything.

Chaos to Order on p5.js Online Editor


ICM Intro

Scripting language, programming language, real and fake programmer…

its hard to get past the noise whenever you try learning programming from scratch for the hundreth time or just a new language or a framework. there’s a right way and a worng way and wine snob like people being disgusted at whateveer way you do htings.

should you care? yeah. a bit. don’t be all free and relax. programming is a very disciplined thing. but if anything stops you from learning, just destroy it. get to work as SOON as humanly possible and just keep doing.

these are things i’ve learned in every attempt to programming i’ve had. back in “Programming 101” in Iran i didn’t learn kaput in class, so i looked up the best selling book on C++ (it was Deitel & Deitel), bought it, didn’t understand a word, and went with “C++ for Dummies”, loved it, and passed the course with it. this was 8 years ago. now things are different.

with Youtube, there’s high quality videos of any minute subject you would ever need in the beginning. Or you can bend towards the absolutely academic direction and go on edX or Coursera and just begin learning in your favorite school… and why go to school then… and stop thinking about that and continue to use whatever assets your school gives you.